Take Me To The World

For me, the most difficult part of COVID has been the moratorium it’s put on travel for the foreseeable future. Travel is such an important part of my life, in more ways than one, and not having it to ground me, to give structure to my life and to look forward to has been really tough.

Because of quarantine, I’ve so far to had to cancel a birthday trip to Thailand/Cambodia, an alternate birthday trip to Hawaii, a trip to Iceland for my boyfriend’s birthday, and an anniversary weekend in Hyde Park, all of which, needless to say, I’d been really looking forward to. What’s even worse, though, is having no concept of when we’ll be able to travel again. Having not been out of New York since returning from Sundance in late January, the last few months have been the longest I’ve remained in one place in years. And I’m beginning to feel extremely claustrophobic. Not even in my apartment, but just in the tiny bubble in which I live, which quarantine has rendered exponentially smaller. I’m desperate to get back out into the world, and for things to return to normal.

But, until I’m able to do that, Raul Esparza’s rendition of “Take Me To The World” from the terrific Sondheim birthday tribute he organized a few weeks ago will have to sustain me.

Where is his Tony? WHERE?