Woman of the Year

I care deeply about politics, because I care deeply about my country and about the good of its people. But I don’t enjoy talking about politics or in fact even thinking about it, given that the current political landscape in this country and beyond triggers me to the point of being unable to think rationally. That said, on the eve of the 2020 Iowa caucuses, I just wanted to record for posterity that fact that I am so extremely goddamn sick of the pervasive, relentless racism and sexism in this country that will almost sure result in a white man winning the Democratic nomination for president, and therefore, inevitably, another four years with a white man in the oval office.

I’ve always said that I identify as a feminist before I identify as just about anything else, and this remains true. My closest, most fulfilling and most intimate relationships have always been with women. I have a degree in gender studies. And I am a ready for a woman to lead this country. I’m beyond humiliated by the fact we’ve never had a female president, despite the countless indisputably qualified women who have run for the office. And I am so tired of people telling me that America is not “ready” for a woman leader. Fuck that. The time to defy prejudice and sexism and misogyny, and to embrace equality, is not tomorrow, or next week or next year. It’s now. It is always now.

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So that’s what I will be doing when I cast my vote in the New York Democratic primary on April 28. I will be voting for Elizabeth Warren, who I believe and always have believed is the best candidate in the race, the candidate most equipped to effectively take on Donald Trump and the candidate who would make the best commander-in-chief, if elected.

Will she win the primary? Seems very unlikely at this point. Would she win the general if given the opportunity? I don’t know. Since 2016, I don’t pretend to know anything when it comes to politics anymore. But no one would do a better job than her, and I’m proud to support her nonetheless, just as I was proud to support Hillary in 2016. I hope enough of my countrymen will do the same.

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Wishing her luck tomorrow.

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