What I’m Watching: January 2020

The Deuce, Season 3

Finally finished the final season of this highly unappreciated show, the conclusion of which was both haunting and sublime.


Not the kind of thing I normally tune in to, but damn, CINEMA.

Sex Education, Season 2

Didn’t blow my mind, but remains sweet and clever and progressive, and I still want to live in its world.

Rupaul’s Drag Race, Season 1-5 + All Stars, Season 1

Doing a rewatch of the early seasons I either didn’t watch in their entirely or can’t remember. A fun a rewarding revisit.

AJ And The Queen, Season 1

Features a lot of camp and some mildly amusing elements, but overall, really, really bad. The writing sucks and the kid is awful. A bummer.

The Good Place, Season 1

I tried it. Not for me. Sorry.

Euphoria, Season 1

I tried it. Not for me. Sorry.

A Confession

Not bad, not great. Tremendous cast though.

Next on deck: A few miniseries I’ve missed recently (The Capture, The Spy, Taboo, The Night Of) and a few things I’ve been putting off (Anne With An E, Atlanta, Better Things, On Becoming A God, Euphoria, finishing The Sopranos).