A Passage To India

I spent a little over a week in India after the holidays, and it was an intoxicating and spiritual journey, to say the least. As always, when I find myself in the wild, magnificent corners of the world I sometimes do, I feel sensationally grateful for the texts I grew up on that inspired in me the the desire to see and experience the world. For India, that was everything from A Little Princess, to A Passage To India, to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, to The Jungle Book, to Monsoon Wedding, to Indian Summers.

India is a truly a marvel. It’s everything you think it is going to be, and yet completely surprising. So vibrant and colorful and living. I barely scratched the surface of what there is to see there, because there is so, so much, and I cannot wait to go back.

Until then, I’ll be watching a lot of Bollywood movies and listening to a lot of Bombay Dreams and planning my next adventure.