Top Ten: Angela Lansbury Performances

Happiest of happy birthdays to darling Dame Angela, a true living legend and top 5 all-time actress for me, who absolutely lights up the screen (and stage) every single time she is on it, and who radiates such warmth and kindness and joy in everything she does in a way that only she can.

She is, in my opinion, one of the single greatest (and certainly the most underrated) screen performers to ever draw breath, and her best performance (number 1 below) is arguably my personal favorite performance ever put to film. The fact that she did not win the Oscar for it, or any of her countless other remarkable performances, is the most egregious mistake the Academy has ever made.

It enrages me to no end to think of the myriad ways in which she was mistreated/under-utilized by the industry for so long, because I know, as she has many times said, that she had MUCH more to give as an actress than she ever felt she was permitted to. But, the foregoing notwithstanding, she has still managed to give us SO, so much. And I’m so grateful. I could have made a top 30 list of her best performances and still not had room to include all of my favorites, but here are the creme de la creme: her all-time greatest hits.


Death on the Nile

9. (Tie)


Something for Everyone

7. (Tie)


Murder, She Wrote




Sweeney Todd




Bedknobs & Broomsticks


The Manchurian Candidate

Happy 94th, Angie. We don’t deserve you.