A GLOW-ing Review

From what I’ve seen and heard, it’s clear not everyone agrees with what I’m about to say, but I am absolutely wild about the third season of GLOW, which dropped on Netflix on Friday. I liked the first season of the show, but wasn’t completely sold, and felt similarly about the second season, though I definitely liked more about it than the first.

But, to my own great surprise, the third season blew me away. It somehow got so much deeper and more nuanced than it ever had before, while introducing a number of new elements (all of which worked for me) and maintaining a taut, controlled narrative without sacrificing any of the splashiness and whimsy that make the show so appealing to begin with.

The writing was GREAT, the acting was strong (Betty Gilpin especially, giving one of the absolute best performances on television) and the set/costumes/mood were terrific. Plus, this season served an extremely hearty (and incredibly welcome) dose of both feminism and queerness, the likes of which I was not prepared for, but absolutely loved.

Overall, an incredibly rich and enjoyable season of television (and, not for nothing, the PERFECT length — I wish all seasons of every show were about 6 hours total). One of the best of the year so far, without question. Who knew?

But seriously, good on the creators. I hope they’ve got much more where this came from in store for Season 4.