Miss Field Goes To Washington

So genuinely overjoyed to hear the news today that the wonderful, formidable Sally Field has been chosen to receive the Kennedy Center Honor.

Sally is an all-time favorite of mine, one of the very first actresses I fell in love with as a kid, and someone who, despite having won two Oscars and numerous other accolades, I feel is somehow completely under-appreciated. She is one of those rare performers who absolutely lights up the screen in every frame she’s ever been in, and she radiates such warmth, and such depth, and such vulnerability in every role she plays that it seems criminal to me she is not recognized more often for what she is: one of our very best living actresses.

She is bold and funny and VERSATILE. I was lucky enough to see Sally perform on Broadway a couple of years ago in The Glass Menagerie, and it remains one of my favorite stage performances of all time. She’s had such an incredible career, and also seems like such a thoughtful, genuine and kind-hearted person, and it’s just nice when good things happen to good, deserving people. So cheers to Miss Field, who has given us so much, and who I’m so glad we are finally able to give something back to.

Also a big congratulations to another all-time favorite of mine, Linda Ronstadt, who is also being honored this year. So deserved. They just don’t make voices like that anymore.

Some other age-appropriate names I’d like to see included among the Kennedy Center honorees in the coming years: Glenn Close, Whoopi Goldberg, Liza Minelli, Dianne Wiest, Kathy Bates, Stockard Channing, Patricia Clarkson, Tyne Daly, Bernadette Peters, Kathleen Turner, Bette Middler, Diane Keaton.